Current and Archival Annual Reports 

Annual Report 2018

Helping Orthodoxy Thrive: Through Your Prayers and Kindness!

I am honored to share with you the 2018 annual report. This year you have done amazing work by strengthening our Church through showing deep compassion for your neighbor in need.  Your acts of kindness and service have deepened the faith of our youth, supported our dedicated clergy, and aided Orthodoxy in over 10 different countries! 

Annual Report 2017

Thank you for supporting the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad!

I am excited to share with you our 2017 annual report. It has been a pleasure working with you to ensure that our Church us stronger, our vulnerable Church members are taken care of, and the light of Orthodoxy continues to shine even in far-off countries.  

Annual Report 2016

I’ve lost counts how many times I appealed to you for help last year. Not for us, but for all those in need: Fr Nektariy in Mexico, Fr Alexei in Chile, our brothers & sisters in Haiti, our youth who so need us to support them at the time of their coming of age… And you have responded with such incredible generosity! I just wanted to say that I am awed, honored and overjoyed by being in partnership with amazing people like you – who often give their last $5 to help someone in need.

Annual Report 2015

When we couldn’t do it on our own – You changed everything. They were overjoyed when their second son was born. As with many clergy families, however, supporting their children where there is not enough for necessities, was hard. 

See how donations like yours brought relief to their young family.

Annual Report 2014

At the end of last year we wrote to you asking to help Priest Oleg Yarovoy (Holy Royal Martyrs Church in Sparks, NV) pay for an urgent dental operation - and you were responded very generously! Fr. Oleg was able to pay off his debt and wrote a letter thanking all who helped him at a difficult time. 


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