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December 2019


Dear Donor, 


I recently got a letter from someone who said that to solve the financial problems in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, we should just ask His Holiness +Patriarch Kyrill of Russia to send us a few million dollars...

I highly doubt that he, being a monastic, has that kind of money, but wouldn’t that be nice? However, it would NOT be a good thing if the Patriarch, an Orthodox celebrity, or a major donor swooped in and rescued us. Because then
you would not have the privilege and glory of supporting your Church.

That's why I'm writing to you today, to offer you the privilege and glory of supporting your Church. As St. Paul said in 2 Corinthians 8: give so that you may "abound in the grace of giving."

I don’t have to explain ROCOR’s tragic, tear-stained history to you. Maybe even some of your own - either blood or spiritual - ancestors have suffered in the Revolution or emigration, or back in the Soviet Union...


Our Church has survived the last 100 years by the Grace of God, and by the prayers of faithful people like you. You believed, and you put your faith into action. And you still do everything to support your Church. And God has
blessed you and all of us with our Church’s survival again and again. For a 100 years!

This is what I’m trying to say “thanks” for – to you and all our supporters.

It was your and others’ faith in Christ, your fervent faith and prayers,

your faith turned into action- that have ensured the continued survival of ROCOR.

May God bless you!


I’m writing to invite you to take one more step – a small step that will have a very big impact

for our all of ROCOR. I’d like you to join the growing number of ROCOR faithful who participate

in our monthly giving program. A gift of just $30 a month (or $100 – in honor of the

100th anniversary of ROCOR!) adds up to significant annual support.

I also want to say: ROCOR has survived. But what’s next? Where do we go from here? I know how much you love our Church and I know that you’re the type of person who wants to do more to help. You’ve proved that over
and over again. So, will you join the monthly giving program today?

I don’t have to tell you about our Church’s problems, you know what they are:
                   ...unpaid or underpaid clergy...
                   ...under-ministered youth...
                   ...struggling missions...

These are only a few of the difficulties that you as a donor have taken upon yourself to fix just by giving to the Fund for Assistance... As you know, there are other troubles.

(I do know that there are parishes that don’t have these issues. Glory to God for that! Unfortunately, it’s not the rule, it’s the exception.)

There will always be storms in our sea of life... But there is also always a solution. And you have been a part of that solution because you care – as much as I do – about the future of our wonderful Church.

This Church that has borne such amazing fruit all over the world: by God’s grace we have our own saints, we are home to several of the most revered icons of the Most Holy Theotokos in the world... And we are
growing... Yes! We are.



You know that our Lord can always stop the storm for us... But for our own benefit – because God always does everything to benefit us - we need to exert our own efforts. Because the Kingdom of Heaven is meant to be taken by
force (Mat. 11:12).

So, what I’m asking you is this: will you, please, be a part of the solution to ROCOR’s future? Will you ensure that our Church is still here and stronger than She has been in another 100 years by continuing your support to the FFA
with a monthly gift of $30?

I’m asking you because I know you are the one person I can definitely rely on for this.I know that if we stand together, pray together, and put our faith into real action, God will help us.


Christ said: “If two or more gather in My name...” (Mat. 18:20)


Think about this: that’s just you and me. Can you imagine what we can do together when God is with us and we are with Him? Can you, please, join me right now in praying for our Church?

So, I’m asking you to become – like me – a monthly donor to the
Fund for Assistance. I just signed up on our website: Will you join me?

By becoming a monthly donor, I can do more for my Church. I can start being proactive instead of reactive. My $30 a month will help prevent crises instead of putting out fires. Can you and I do it together, please?

So, please, don’t set this letter aside. Join me now. ROCOR needs you. Today. And the best thing you can do, is to subscribe to be a monthly donor. If you can’t – I understand.

But please, click here and make a donation today. Your donation is an investment in the future

of our Church.

We have 750 parishes in ROCOR. If only ONE person in each parish signed up for a small monthly donation of $30 .... Imagine what we could do? Now imagine if you can convince one or even two of your friends to join you
as well?

Can you only imagine the impact that you can make on the next 100 years of ROCOR? The problems we are facing won’t be solved by a check. We need to do more. Our Church needs monthly donors. Thank you for reading. I’m so glad that you understand me. I am so grateful to you for your continued support. May the Lord always bless you as
much as He has blessed our Church!


May God bless you,


Archpriest Victor Potapov
FFA Board Member


P.S. Thank you again so much for putting your faith into action by praying for
our Church and giving to the Fund for Assistance. If you want to make sure
our Church survives another 100 years, please become a monthly donor today.
I just did.

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