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Our Mission

Growing and Strengthening our Global Church and Faith

The mission of the Fund for Assistance is to support the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, specifically, the moral-spiritual education of youth, aid to its clergy and distribution of emergency relief to its missions.


Serving our Youth:

To serve our Youth, the future of our Church, we provide funding to organizations that aim to build a global community of spiritually focused youth, whose mission is to attract new youth to the Church, deepen the spiritual life of the youth already connected to the Church, and/or are able to create events that bring our global youth together to share and deepen in their faith.


Supporting our Clergy:

Our clergy give their all to us and in turn, as part of our mission, in times of need we provide financial relief. This allows our clergy to continue serving their holy calling, without extreme financial burdens, and be more available to their flock.


Providing emergency relief:

When emergency strikes, we are called to provide relief to those in need, especially our struggling missions all over the globe. Through this service we give comfort to many and help strengthen our growing Church, in particularly struggling countries.



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