Grant to Eastern-American Diocesan Library promotes clergy education
Grant to Eastern-American Diocesan Library
Photo credits: Lin Pernille
Photo credits: Lin Pernille
Photo credits: Lin Pernille
Grant promotes clergy education
September 30, 2001

A $3,000 grant to the official library of the Eastern-American Diocese, All Saints of North America library, allowed the administration to renew subscriptions to Orthodox publications, and to acquire rare and often requested Orthodox documents.  The library hopes to continue to grow so that more clergy can be served by its resources.

Librarian Katherine Alderson wrote to FFA in a letter: "The funding we have received from the Fund for Assistance will help us respond to requests from clergy as well as to purchase requested materials and recent publications that will keep the collection up to date.  A large part of the funding is being used to renew subscriptions to periodicals on the Orthodox faith to keep this collection up to date.  Without funding we would not have been able to renew a significant number of these subscriptions.  We expect to order soon the entire set of the Great Synaxarites, a requested item which the library could not have afforded without assistance. 

We have already established a wi-fi network in the library.

Another important activity is moving ahead now because of FFA funding.  We are downloading, printing out, and binding a number of important, but lengthy, Orthodox documents which users have requested.  Funding from the Fund for Assistance provides us with the paper, printer ink and binding so that we can make these works available to the entire diocese in paper format."

To read the full letter, click here.

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