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Fr Nektariy is exhausted after helping his neighbors for over 80 hours.
Fr Nektariy is exhausted after helping his neighbors for over 80 hours.
Fr Nektariy is exhausted after helping his neighbors for over 80 hours.

Recently three devastating earthquakes rocked Mexico, killing over 400 people, and devastating the lives of thousands more...

There is one person who gives those suffering in Mexico that which they cannot find elsewhere: love and practical assistance. This man is my personal hero - Schema-Archimandrite Nektariy of the Holy Trinity Monastery in Mexico City.

Although a small quiet man in his mid 50s, he is a giant of Christian love and faith. This man chose the narrow path and doesn’t look back, even through much suffering.

Take the last earthquakes in Mexico. The monastery buildings are damaged but still holding up. The brethren lost everything they owned. Fr Nektariy’s office, his computer, printer, and furniture are destroyed. After putting some plastic and rocks to weigh down the damaged roof (it is raining season), here is what the brethren went out to do:

 Could you help Fr Nektariy?

As soon as they knew all brethren were safe, they went out to assist their neighbors. They helped with the rescue works, gave away food, medicine, blankets, clothes, and Fr Nektariy’s tireless loving professional services (he holds several degrees, including in the fields of Medicine and Psychology).


At one moment Fr Nektariy was so busy he neither slept, nor ate for 80 hours – he was taking care of those who needed him in the community… Their efforts have been successful, but Fr Nektariy predicts a sad future: that in a few months all people “will be left to themselves, they will have no help, not even from the government.”


Expecting this, Fr Nektariy is collecting canned food and clothes to take to the villages which have been affected. You know that the monastery has been fighting to remain afloat for years, and several times we have appealed to your kind generosity on their behalf. Their resources are small.


But I know that God and you will not fail them.

please help Fr Nektariy and the brethren of the Holy Trinity Monastery in Mexico City! They are providing such an amazing witness of Christian love to all of Mexico. We cannot leave them in this drastic situation alone. Please give today and keep them in your prayers!


Your donation will help Fr Nektariy and the brethren survive and continue their witness to their neighbors of the power of Christ’s love and the Truth of Orthodoxy.


You can help them get food, fix their roof, and continue being a wonderful blessing and healing presence in this suffering country.


As usual, Fr Nektariy and the brethren are thinking of not of themselves, but of others.


Could you be the one who thinks of their needs?


God will not forget your tender mercy.


Please donate to help them today. We are hoping to collect $20,000. We already have over $3,000. Our deadline is December 15.


With love in Christ,

Mark Selawry

FFA President


P.S. Remember, Fr Nektariy and the brethren of the Holy Trinity Monastery in Mexico City need your help today!


P.P.S. If you can’t send your donation by this deadline, please call our development manager Alena Plavsic at (917)817-2925 if you’d like to still get it in by that time. Thank you.

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