CRISIS IN UKRAINE: Every dollar you donate will be doubled!


$1 = $2


We’re turning our drive to help the victims of the crisis in Ukraine into a matching appeal!


Every dollar you donate will be doubled by matching funds until we raise $40,000!


ANY amount you send will be matched until we reach $40,000. This is the largest amount we’ve ever matched, because we wanted to do everything possible to help the suffering.

And also, because our mercy as Orthodox Christians is not limited by politics. Merciful people like you allowed us to provide help to hundreds of refugees from Ukraine in years past. Today, we’re asking you to help the victims of the current conflict – regardless of their politics. We will be sending the funds we collect:


  1. to Metropolitan Onuphry, who will be able to distribute it as he sees fit.
  2. to Germany, where Archbishop Mark (ROCOR) will be able to use them to help the wave of refugees.


Christ commanded us to help our brethren. And those who are suffering are our brothers and sisters. It doesn’t matter what our or their convictions are. We can either choose to be a Good Samaritan, or we can choose to close our eyes and walk away.


I know that you won’t walk away. I know your mercy will show no bounds.

Any amount you can give will be matched. But we must receive your gift by April 30th! Because we will be forwarding the funds to help the victims as we get them. And suffering doesn’t wait.


So if you want to help – please send a gift now!


So, will you please, show your mercy to our suffering Orthodox brothers and sisters affected by this terrible crisis, and send a donation today?

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