FFA ‒ the Largest Source of Orthodox Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine

Dear Friends,


Thank you for everything you’ve done for our Church in 2022.


A lot has happened in the past year. There was so much pain… and so much need.


But there was also a bright light of hope. And it came from you and from other kind and generous people like you.


I’ve heard many times that you’re not doing what you do for my gratitude.


Forgive me, I feel like if I don’t tell you that I think you’re doing a great thing for our Church, my heart will simply burst into a million pieces.


As I know you wouldn’t want that, I’ll boldly proceed to tell you about the great things your help has accomplished!


You may not believe this, but thanks YOU, the Fund for Assistance is the largest single source of Orthodox-affiliated humanitarian aid in Ukraine today.


Your mercy and heartfelt support of the Ukrainian people has made a HUGE difference.


In fact, Priest Serhii Ekshiyan, head of the UOC’s Synodal Social Humanitarian Department, sent us a video thanking YOU for all of the help you have provided to those suffering in Ukraine. The video is available on our YouTube channel and on our website.


This is truly a time of trial for the Ukrainian people ‒ many people from every walk of life are on the cusp of poverty and are forced to move, having lost everything they had, along with their homes. They are resettling from the conflict zones all across Ukraine ‒ many have nothing.


Thanks to your help, the UOC had the opportunity to support them all, purchasing and supplying them with needed items:

-         groceries

-         household supplies

-         items to keep warm (blankets and heaters)

The Church has been transporting these supplies all over the country: Kherson, Kharkov, Izyum, Zaporozhye, Dnepr…


So many people have trouble getting a single meal a day!


Members of the Social Humanitarian Department prepare hot lunches, distribu-ting 200-300 servings at the Kiev Train Station and at the churches in Kiev.


Pensioners – people who have worked their part and earned the right to a good life in their old age ‒ are now on the cusp of poverty, because their pensions and the minimum wage do not correspond to the needs people face to live normally, feed themselves, or purchase medicine. This is the largest complaint people have: that they must purchase either high-calorie foods OR medicines.


Also, thanks to your help, the Church was able to help two elderly pensioners to receive surgery; their situation had become critical and they were unable to walk. Knee replacement surgery is expensive and of course they did not have the means to afford it.


THAT’S RIGHT – Thanks to your generosity, two people can WALK AGAIN.


Please watch the video from Fr. Serhii and those who received help from you through the FFA. The war is still going on, and we can’t keep doing these amazing things without you.


Thank you for all that you do for our Church! May God shield your loving heart with His love in return for your beautiful kindness!


With love in Christ,


Mark Selawry
FFA President

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