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An Amazing Labor of Love: Building the Church in Bali

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Fr. Aleksander outside St. Nicholas of Myra that he built with his own hands

Ten years ago, when Fr. Aleksander first began serving in Bali there was no money for a church. So he held services in his home. But the government shut that down. Told him it’s illegal.

Now you may ask what can a priest do with no money? Well, Fr. Aleksander found a solution. Secondhand building supplies! With 5 other volunteers, he searched for used bricks, doors, and windows to build a place of worship. Talk about thinking outside the box, right?!

For weeks, Monday through Friday, back aching, Fr. Aleksander would wake up and get to work on building the church. The labor was backbreaking and draining. In fact, Fr. Aleksander worked so hard that he was sick in bed from exhaustion for several weeks!

Two years later, with much sweat, hard work, and prayer a church, St. Nicholas of Myra, was standing. Glory be to God!

In this video you can see the church that Fr. Aleksander built with his own hands along with the few volunteers as well as the faithful singing.

Learn more about the mission here. If you'd like to help Fr. Aleksander continue his Orthodox mission in Bali, click here.

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