Urgent COVID Crisis Appeal

The impact of COVID-19 is threatening many of our Church’s most vulnerable members!  I’m facing an unprecedented upswing in pleas for help. Only with your help have I any chance of avoiding cuts in the next couple of weeks.


Please rush your donation to me by April 30th. Every dollar you give will be doubled by matching funds.

A Monk is a Terrible Thing to Waste

If you were a business owner, I’m sure you’d love to have him on your team.



He is highly educated.

He lives for his work.

Never takes vacations.

Never says “no” to new projects.

Is supremely efficient and dedicated.

Is always ready to help.

He inspires others.

People like him come along once in a lifetime. He is someone you can trust completely. He’s proved it over and over again.


For 60 years we've used 100% of all donations to support the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia's youth, clergy, and to provide emergency relief for missions, all over the world. Click below to learn more about your donation will serve ROCOR!


At the Fund for Assistance we believe that the youth is our Church's future. By supporting our youth you are building the next generation of clergymen, matushkas, singers, choir directors, dedicated parishioners, and loyal leaders. 


Whenever we are in need our clergy answers, but who answers their needs? An important part of the Fund for Assistance's mission is making sure our priests are able to continue serving God and taking care of their families, by alleviating their financial burdens. 


Did you know ROCOR has mission's all over the world in countries such as Pakistan, Haiti, Argentina, Bali, and more? All of these budding Orthodox communities face various difficulties. By supporting our missions you help bring much needed relief, and allow Orthodoxy to grow.   


Fund for Assistance to the ROCOR
P.O. Box 272

Glen Cove, NY 11542


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