Help Refugees from Ukraine!
Help Refugees from Ukraine!
Your donation will directly benefits refugees like Bogdan.
Your donation will directly benefits refugees like Bogdan.
Your donation will directly benefits refugees like Bogdan.

Dear brothers and sisters,

May I introduce you to Bogdan?

He’s a cute little guy. He loves playing hide-and-seek and watching cartoons.

He looks like a typical 4 year old. But Bogdan has already witnessed horrors that will likely affect his whole life.

Bogdan is a refugee from Eastern Ukraine. His grandmother was able to scrape enough money to flee the war-torn region with him. Bogdan’s mother and father, his sister Anya and his parrot Plut had to stay back.

When watching TV, Bogdan continually asks his grandmother: “Is he going to be killed? What about her? Is she safe?”

This 4-year old has already experienced grief and death, want and hunger... Night after night he screams with terror and calls for his mother. He may never see her again...

There are thousands stories like this one.

We don’t need to get into politics. Let’s remember that we are talking about people’s lives. The lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ, who gave His Blood for them.

Please help the refugees. They were just like us – they went about their business, lived, studied, and never thought that they would have to leave their homes and flee. Just imagine how horrible that is.

We are Orthodox Christians. Let’s come together to help our brothers and sisters.

Please donate to help the refugees!

All your donations will benefit refugees from

Please help the suffering!

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